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What is management and why it is needed in firms?

Management Assignment

Management is managing different resources in a firm including financial, human, physical and other resources of the firm. By now, management is one of the integral parts of the organisation. A firm is successful when the administration is appropriate and efficient. Management has different contexts in a firm. It is a vast subject and has a pool of concepts. However, whatever may be its use, management is considered as an essential subject. Because of this, this is increasingly being taken by students.

There are essential things related to management that we need to understand.

  • When it is appropriate in the firm, the workforce becomes dynamic and they can be highly productive. The overall operations of the firm are highly efficient.
  • Effective management helps increase the performance of the organisation. The employees can efficiently manage their work. The conduct of the employees is appropriate with proper management.
  • Efficient management helps in addressing the issues prevailing in the organisation. There may be many operational or other issues of the firm. The managers help.
  • The management helps in ensuring the financial portfolio of the firm.

Overall, the management helps in the firm's success by efficiently managing all the resources of the firm. Management is highly integral for a firm because the success of a firm is based on the efficiency of its managers. When the managers have the skills and knowledge for efficient management, they can run their team well. I need it in firms in every operational phase of the firm.

Management assignments

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